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I’m Full Stack Web Developer

About Me

I have been working on website development since 1998. I love coding and web development. I have worked on many programming languages, frameworks and disciplines. In addition to software development, I am interested in digital marketing and business management.

ertan kayalar
Me in 90s, the good old days

My journey started in 1990 after I finished computer programming at university.

I worked in the IT industry until I started my business in 1998.

Web development path was inevitable for me. I used many tools and technologies.

I believe we are living in the software age.

Today, web development is evolving into many forms, be it social media, artificial intelligence or blockchain.

As a web developer, I am very excited about helping the world transform into a knowledge economy.

How Can I Help You?

I can build from a simple web application to mobile applications

Web Development

Backend management panels for marketplaces, portals, listings, intranets, b2b systems, mobile applications


I have experience in building e-commerce oriented solutions, from shopping websites to customer payment portals.

Mobile Apps

With PWA, Turbo Native technology, I can transform your web applications into mobile applications.


I focus only on the technologies I know best and work to provide you with the best results

These are my preferred Tech Stacks

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Application, web, mobile, backend development



Application development, machine learning,data science and analytics, automation



Frontend, PWA, Jamstack development

I am using or have used these technologies

My Uses

Sometimes people ask me about the specifics of some piece of software or hardware I use. I have summarized my uses list here.

Developer Tools

Desktop Tools


Web development articles

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I’m happy to hear your thoughts on web development, business or my posts. Feel free to share anything you’d like to discuss.

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