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Today, business world is more competitive. Almost all products and services quality are similar in customers eyes. Buyers request low prices. It’s called zero profit pressure“. Profitable sales is harder each day. Companies prefer online marketing because it’s customer focused.

A little information about online marketing

E-marketing, digital marketing or online marketing.All terms are same for marketing methods on the internet. B2B companies (Business to business) use B2B marketing for complex products and services to sell other companies.

Here is the 10 online marketing benefits why your company should think about it.


1. Traditional marketing methods are expensive and ineffective

Trade shows and advertising are expensive:

  • You need brochure and catalog.
  • TV and newspaper advertising.
  • Trade show organisations are required hotel accomadation and flight tickets. Also require very expensive exhibition stand.

So, how many prospects met with you end of the day ?

  • You can’t measure newspaper, TV, magazine commercials results.
  • You already know that you switched to another channel when TV commercial because you don’t watch it. Are you real y read every newspaper adverts ?
  • Cold call or appointment way also ineffective, cost and limited.
  • Catalog and brochures are outdated after they are printed. You need new one if you have new product. This mean additional cost again.

Traditional marketing methods spend your resources wasteful. Also ROI is usually low.

2. Simple web site value is zero for your business

I called them brochure or business card web sites. Beacuse they have phone numbers, business title and little information about your company and products. Many company managers complained they can’t earn new customer on the net. I do not be surprised at all. Beacuse web sites are not optimized for search engines. Web sites have not customer focused content and convert visitors to customers.

3. Today, people are looking information before buy a product or services

Today buyers are smart. They are using google search box when they want to buy a product or service. You probably do as well. They compare products, prices and dealers. They prefer to buy from trusted vendor. Because another seller is only one click away. Customers use this advantage effectively.

4. Companies have a blog for become a trusted resource in the industry

Today, companies use online marketing that publish useful information for the clients. Buyers guides, tips and other important informations. Clients request that information when decide a buy a product or service. For example:

  • Garden products dealer share “useful tips of garden maintenance”
  • Furniture company public a post about “buyers guide of work desk”

According to surveys:

  • %70 of consumer feel close to company after content marketing.
  • %82 customer think positive about company.

Companies are become trusted and prestigious brands after create a blog.

5. Content marketing earn qualified customer

People use search engines and social media for find interested products or services. This mean ready to buy prospects for companies on the other hand. Ready to buy customers visit their brand. Consider how difficult same thing with traditional marketing methods.

6. Lead generation and nurturing more effective than traditional methods

Visitors is being promoted to actionable content related their interest and needs. Using methods of support prospects decisions, facilitate and accelerate lead generation and nurturing. Sales team collect lead in their inbox. Studies on totally website are bring more prospects to company web site. Customers find more useful information about their interest, companies earn new customer. It’s a win-win situation.

7. Less effort than traditional marketing

Traditional marketing methods works only with company resources. But company require a strategic marketing plan and customer focused web site in online marketing. Web site Website serves thousands of potential customers at the same time.

8. Content marketing increase brand awareness

Prospects learn about company when looking a solution for problem. Brand awareness is increasing. People love to talk about brands in social media. Content marketing helps to brand awareness in long term.

9. Companies reach more people using online marketing

Today, mobile marketing is become more important beacuse smart phone usage increasing. If you want a reach someone, you don’t wait he/she come to office. Mobile users check emails, social activities on the go.

10. Foreign trade companies local marketing in overseas

It’s difficult for foreign trade companies to reach local customers of overseas. International online marketing is effective beacuse they can reach target country market using local content. Local language and content useful for prospects when search marketing and content marketing works together.


Online marketing methos helps to companies for create awareness by reaching millions of online users. They increase brand awareness, earn new customers and increase sales. Online marketing can very effective way if you still think about it. Don’t forget, competition is harder and online marketing is most reasonable solution.

Whay do you think ? Online marketing can help your business ?

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